Birthstone Chart

January Garnet This warm red garnet was highly prized in Ancient Egypt and Rome. Its blood red shade resembles ruby and offers a less expensive alternative. Garnet cures depression, encourages good dreams, and promotes love. It is January's birthstone and marks the 2nd wedding anniversary.
February Amethyst

From its earliest discovery, amethyst's sumptuous shade has cast a spell that extends from ancient times to the present. It symbolizes royalty, passion, daring, and dreaminess. February's birthstone has a rich purple equally gorgeous in white, yellow, or rose gold. It is also used to celebrate the 6th wedding anniversary.

March Aquamarine Named for the waters of Antiquity, aquamarine exerts a powerful allure. It draws its strength from the popularity of its pale blue hue, similar to the clear sky on a summer day. March’s birthstone promotes calm, spirituality, and mental clarity. Aquamarine celebrates the 19th wedding anniversary.
April Diamond Diamonds have been admired for centuries. Some historians estimate they were traded as early as 4 BC. One of the reasons diamonds are so admired and valued is because of the process by which a diamond gemstone forms deep beneath the Earth’s crust and is then forced upward until it is uncovered. Throughout history, the diamond has nearly always symbolized eternal and lasting love. 
May Emerald The name emerald finds its root in a Sanskrit word, marakata, meaning the green of growing things. Is it any surprise that we embrace its hue at the height of spring as May’s birthstone? Emerald symbolizes vitality, honesty, and fidelity making it the perfect choice for the 35th and 55th wedding anniversaries.
June Alexandrite Blue-green by daylight and purple-red by incandescent light, Alexandrite’s bewitching beauty fascinates us. Highly sought after, fine quality stones over three carats are increasingly rare. Alexandrite promotes emotional balance, creativity, and imagination. It is June’s birthstone and honors the 18th wedding anniversary.
July Ruby For thousands of years, royalty and the wealthy have coveted ruby. Its mesmerizing hue inspires passion, love, courageA, and devotion while guarding the owner’s wealth and rank. Large rubies are extraordinarily rare and command prices that rival and surpass the finest large diamonds. It is July's birthstone and has the prestige of celebrating the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary.
August Peridot Called Evening Emerald in Ancient Egypt, the finer shades are a radiant green with a hint of gold. This lush hue embodies peridot’s true splendor. August’s birthstone can heal a broken heart, bring good fortune, induce peaceful sleep, and raise self-awareness. It marks the 16th wedding anniversary.
September Sapphire Sapphire’s breathtaking blues have captured our imagination and inspired designs. Ancient lore tells us that blue sapphire brought spiritual enlightenment, inner peace, wisdom, insight, and the discernment to choose what's right. It is September’s birthstone and celebrates the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary.
October Tourmaline Feminine and sophisticated, many women choose this October birthstone regardless of their birth month. Now that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, pink tourmaline’s popularity has grown even more. Appropriately, it enhances awareness, love, and compassion. It is chosen to celebrate the 8th wedding anniversary.
November Citrine Citrine‘s sunny exuberance inspires joy, confidence, creativity, and prosperity. A member of the quartz family, natural citrine is surprisingly rare. Today, most citrine results from heating Amethyst to an orangey yellow hue — the perfect shade for November’s birthstone. It also marks the 1st and 13th wedding anniversary.
December Zircon   Zircon is a beautiful, brilliant, and unique genuine gemstone that has been known since before the Middle Ages. Medieval Europeans believed that zircon promoted restful sleep and wealth, and that it dispelled evil spirits.